Hat Patches-frayed

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Heat Transfer Polyester linen patches-beige

comes with Adhesive 

you can also apply patch to hat with E6000 


Applying your Adhesive 

  • Place the adhesive matte side down onto the patch.
  • Enfold in the whole thing in a Teflon sheet. The adhesive will stick to paper if you use that to protect your platens while pressing.
  • Press for three seconds at 300 degrees with light pressure.

Applying Your Patch

  • Prepare your press with protective paper on the bottom platen. Prepare your substrate by removing all dust and place appropriately on the press.
  • Remove the film covering the adhesive on the back of the raggy patch.
  • Affix the patch to your substrate with heat tape, and cover with protective paper.
  • Press for 10 seconds at 300 degrees using medium pressure.